Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment for Dark Circles

Dark circles under the eyes can be caused by many factors including lack of sleep, stress, sun overexposure, poor diet, aging and allergies. Dark circles also can be a hereditary trait for some people. Most people want to reduce their appearance for cosmetic reasons.

From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, dark circles can be caused by kidney dysfunction. The kidneys are connected to the adrenal glands and overall endocrine system. Kidney energy imbalance can lead to qi deficiency in the kidneys. Common symptoms include fatigue and adrenal exhaustion, which often result in dark circles under the eyes.

Chinese Herbs for Dark Circles

1) Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, also known as Six Flavor Teapills, can be used to nourish the energy of the kidneys. It can be helpful to treat dark circles caused by kidney dysfunction.

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How to use: Liu Wei Di Huang Wan can be used in the form of pills.

2) Luo Xuan Zao (Spirulina) is effective in treating dark circles. Its detoxifying effects can reduce dark shadows and puffiness.

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3) Chamomile tea can help to decrease the dark circles, and also help with temporarily reducing the redness and irritation on eye bags.

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How to use: Instead of drinking chamomile tea, place two bags of chamomile tea in boiling water for 2 minutes. Take the tea bags out, wait until they are cool enough, and then place them underneath your eyes for 5 minutes.

Acupuncture Treatment for Dark Circles

Acupuncture can improve circulation around the eyes and improve blood flow. It will treat the root cause and reduce the dark circles under your eyes. Some of the acupuncture points which help to treat dark circles are located on the face. If you want to give Chinese medicine a try, but have a bit of hesitation about having needles inserted into your face, you can try to use only Chinese herbal formula first. Also, you can try stimulating acupressure points for dark circles on your own.

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