Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment for Gray Hair

Normal aging plays the most important role in gray hair. Western medicine suggests gray hair can be caused by stress, lifestyle such as smoking, vitamin B12 deficiency. From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, gray hair is caused by weak kidneys or liver blood, which can also be related to aging and stress.

The strength of the kidney naturally declines as we age. It leads to decreasing in energy, reproductive capacity, weakness of bones, joints and ligaments, tooth loss and gray hair. For those who are under high stress, overworked, smoking and with poor diet, may accelerate this process and suffer from gray hair. Treating gray hair can benefit from the lessons of Chinese medicine life preservation techniques to slow the aging process.

Chinese Herbs for Gray Hair

1) Black sesame seeds are good to add into the diet to support hair health. Black sesame seeds are rich in calcium, protein, phosphorous, iron and magnesium, it helps to keep hair black and shiny.

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2) Vitamin B12 often recommended to people with gray hair who may have a poor diet or difficulties with proper absorption.

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3) He Shou Wu is also called Fo-Ti or Polygala Vine. Its botanical name is Polygoni Multiflori. The Chinese believe this herb has a restorative property essential to the kidney and blood. It is classified as a tonic and is taken in Chinese medicine to slow the signs of aging especially premature graying of the hair and hair loss.

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How to use: He Shou Wu is available in many different forms including tea, liquid extract, powder, capsules and shampoo.

4) Ginseng is believed to stimulate blood circulation and promote cell metabolism. This means that it can increase blood supply to hair follicle cells. Not only will these cells be well nourished, ginseng also improves their efficiency leading to new hair growth. It can prevent premature gray hair.

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How to use: Natural oils infused with ginseng in massaging the hair and scalp. You can also take ginseng supplements promoting healthy blood flow all over the body.

Acupuncture Treatment for Gray Hair

TCM practitioners use acupuncture of scalp points to keep the meridians clear, improve blood circulation in the head, enhance the metabolism and restore gray hair to its natural color. Acupuncturist may also use treatment combined with herbal formula to help you strengthen your kidney function.

If you are a do-it-yourself type, you can also try stimulating acupressure points for gray hair on your own.

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