Beijing Huiwen High School

Beijing Huiwen High School (BHHS), founded in 1871, is one of the public key Schools in China. In the past years, all BHHS graduates enrolled on the basis of competitive selection have been admitted to colleges. In 1984, BHHS was designated as the first club of the UNESCO in China.

In 1994, BHHS started to enroll international students. Now its International Department and the School of Language and Culture are responsible for offering certificate program and Chinese language program for foreign students and cultural exchanges with other countries.

Located within the second ring road, BHHS is only 5 kilometers away from Tian'anmen and close to Temple of Heaven, Beijing Amusement park, Beijing Gymnasium, Beijing Theatre, Peixin Hotel, the New World Shopping Mall and other cultural and amusement venues. On the school campus, there are teaching buildings, an experimental building, a library, dorms, cafeterias, a playground, a basket court, and a computer lab. A gymnasium is going to be constructed soon.

Location: Beijing
Founded: 1871

(Source: Beijing Huiwen High School)

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