Learning Mandarin Chinese Strategies


There are different strategies to learn Chinese language for different kind of learners. With the correct strategies, students who are learning Mandarin Chinese will benefit greatly during the learning process.

Visual Learner

Students who are visual learners often have an artistic side and enjoy activities involving graphic arts and design. In general visual learners learn best when information is presented as an image or graphic form.

Visual Learner strategies to learn Chinese:

Auditory Learners

Auditory learners learn best when information is presented in an oral language format. They can often hear the information in their mind after it is presented. Auditory learners learn most effectively while interacting in listening/speaking exchanges. An immersion program or study abroad program would probably benefit auditory learners the most.

Kinesthetic Learners

The kinesthetic learners learn best when physically engaged in a hands-on activity. In the classroom, students can follow a teacher’s writing on the board with their own hands. They benefit from instructors who encourage in-class demonstrations and "hands-on" learning experiences.

Kinesthetic Learner strategies to learn Chinese:

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