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Jinan University School of Management SiMBA program is different from the existing domestic international MBA programs. Some MBA programs places too much stress on teaching in English and equalize "internationalization" as "Anglicization", and in doing so, core content can not be expressed in profound words and students could not form deep understanding, it is even better to learn English in foreign language institute; some MBA programs lay one-sided emphasis on cooperation with international elite schools, acting as the enrollment office of foreign MBA program to promote foreign education brands, import cultural values and earn education bonuses . Students may understand the world through such programs, but at the same time they can not find the way home. This is neither the strong suit of Chinese universities nor the point where Chinese universities make efforts. English and international cooperation is not more than a means, and only the feature of and the focus on "China" may bring about the chance of survival.

The School of Management of Jinan University treats the SiMBA as an MBA program whose stress is "Chinese culture and Chinese business practices" as the cornerstone and whose target market is global overseas Chinese. The program will be positioned as the "Phoenix Satellite Television" among business schools and this is a unique market positioning. Of course, this requires much to be done in the aspects such as teacher, curriculum, teaching materials, cases and alike. For example, the great ideas, "sinicize core curriculum, and bring Chinese elements into non-core curriculum" for the requirements on curriculum construction, "Chinese material, Chinese context, Chinese perspective for writing and developing case, "cultivating scholars and elite entrepreneurs in Chinese people world " and "Sinologue" for teacher team development.

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Jinan SiMBA Curriculum

MBA modules are divided into basic and soft skills, China general, core module, specialty elective modules, integrated practice. Students of SiMBA and part-time MBA programs must at least gain 46 credits assigned as follows:

A) Basic modules and soft skills (12 credits) which includes Economics, Applied statistic, Business English (Chinese language students), Data model and decision making, Business English (Non-Chinese language students), Management communication, Accounting

B) China General Modules (6 credits) which includes History of Chinese Civilization (Chinese people's cultural character), China's economic reforms, Overseas Chinese community and business, History of Chinese Enterprises, China's legal and institutional environment

C) Core modules (21 credits) which includes Organizational behavior, Operation Management, Human Resource Management, Strategy Management, Financial Management, Management Information System, Marketing

D) Specialty elective modules (Students must at lest select 3 modules, 6 credits in total) which includes Project management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Real Estate Management, Tax Planning, Operation and management of financial institutions, R & D and innovation management, International Marketing, Service Marketing, E-commerce, Commercial negotiations, Entrepreneurial Management, Tourism and Catering Industry

E) Integrated practices which includes Management Consulting / Case Creation, Foreign exchange, "Field Module of Greater China" (business visit), Forums /lectures and other


- Overseas Freshmen Scholarship
- GMAT/GRE Scholarship
- TOEFL/IELTS Scholarship
- SiMBA Elite Scholarship
- Part-time MBA Elite Scholarship

Jinan University School of Management

Jinan University had business discipline in its inception. As early as 1918, Mr. Huang Yanpei, a Jinan sage, keenly observed that today’s commercial wars and industrial wars are the wars of education and helped to bring about the establishment of the business discipline in the school.In 1921,Jinan University and Southeast University jointly founded the first business university in Chinese history-Shanghai Business University, Which is a pioneer in higher education of industry, commerce and finance in China. By the end of 1920’s there had been such disciplines as industrial and commercial management, foreign trade, accounting, banking and transportation management, and the discipline of economic management had taken initial shape.

Since then, the business education in Jinan has been handed down and continued. In 1978, at the beginning of the reform and opening up, Jinan University set up the first course in marketing science with the courage and foresight of a pioneer. Afterwards, it also organized and established a marketing science society which is recognized as the earliest of its kind in institutions of higher education in China. In 1980 Jinan University set up the Department of Corporate Management, the Department of Accounting and the Department of Commerce under the original economic management discipline, meanwhile, it was the first to be granted for awarding doctoral degrees in industrial economics and for master degrees in disciplines as corporate management.

In 1998, the university integrated the resources of such subjects as industrial and business administration, public administration and management science and engineering to formally establish the School of Management. Since then, the business education in Jinan University has been expanding comprehensively into the discipline of modern management and entered a golden period in its history of development.

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