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The Lingnan MBA program’s mission is "Education for Service" and our commitment is to develop international business leaders. Lingnan MBA students, faculty and staff advocate the values of being "Ethical, Pragmatic, Enterprising, Tolerant and Strategically-Minded". Our vision is "to become one of the foremost business schools in China and participate effectively with first-tier business schools in the Asia Pacific regions".

The Lingnan International MBA program was launched in 1999 and developed in conjunction with MIT Sloan School of Management. All courses are taught in English and MIT Sloan MBA curriculum and teaching methods have been adopted in the program.. The International MBA program has both Full-time (2 years) and Part-time (3 years) options.

International MBA students will be awarded the Master of Business Administration degree of Sun Yat-sen University and MIT certification upon graduation which requires successful completion of courses and successfully passing their thesis defense.

Lingnan IMBA Curriculum

Core - China Economics, Corporate Finance, Communication for Managers, Data & Model and Decision-making, Financial Accounting, Human Resource Management, Managerial Economics, Marketing Management, Operational Management, Organizational Processes, Strategic Management.

Compulsory - Business Oral, Business Writing, MIT Lectures, Orientation, International Experience, Project Experience.

Location: Guangzhou
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Lingnan College of Sun Yat-sen University

Lingnan College of Sun Yat-sen University was named after Lingnan University, which was first founded in Guangzhou in 1888. By 1930s, Lingnan University had enjoyed prestigious reputation both at home and abroad, with academic links with many famous universities worldwide. In 1952, as a result of the reorganization of all the universities in China, departments of Lingnan University were incorporated into Sun Yat-sen University and other universities. In December 1987, Lingnan College of Sun Yat-sen University was established with the approval of the Ministry of Education of China.

To be a leading business school with international recognition, Lingnan College has constantly dedicated to developing higher education in Theoretical Economics, Applied Economics and Business Management. In business management education, Lingnan College has developed extensive cooperation with prestigious business schools all around the world-with MIT Sloan School of Management on International MBA Program in 1999, with Carlson School of Management of University of Minnesota on Chinese EMBA (CHEMBA) Program in 2001, with University of California at Berkeley on Healthcare EMBA (h-EMBA) Program in 2003 and with EM-LYON and Lyon 3 on a French diploma of international commerce (DESS) program. These partnerships provide enormous education resources for Lingnan College's business education.

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