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Tsinghua MBA Program aims to cultivate future leaders with general management capability. The Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA Program is a collaborative program between Tsinghua SEM and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management. It was launched in September 1997, since then MBA graduates of Tsinghua SEM play important roles in business management in China and around the world. This program is a two year full-time program and is taught in English. After two years of management and leadership education, students obtain a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Tsinghua University as well as a certificate from MIT Sloan School of Management.

Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA Curriculum

The Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA Program is designed to cultivate future leaders with general management capabilities. Our comprehensive and rigorous curriculum is balanced between knowledge and practice, hard and soft skills, global perspectives and China roots. You will learn to think critically and strategically in a global context, from analyzing data and making effective and ethical decisions to implementing those changes creatively in culturally diverse organizations.

The comprehensive first-year core courses build a strong foundation of essential general management knowledge and skills for you to confidently tackle any challenge in today’s increasingly competitive, complex, and ever-changing business world.

9 tracks of elective courses allow you to pursue your own career interests and passion from a broad and deep selection of both English and Chinese electives.

Elective courses taught by distinguished industry leaders equip you with new knowledge drawn from real business practices and hone your problem-solving skills and leadership capabilities.

Many popular courses will be offered in Chinese for those who are up for the challenge. Some core courses and all elective courses can be taken in Chinese.

Location: Beijing
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Various scholarships are available to our admitted international candidates. In addition, all MBA students are eligible to apply for several kinds of merit-based fellowships and awards after studying at Tsinghua for a period of time. These scholarships and fellowships are offered by Tsinghua University, Chinese government or other donors, to help international students to settle partial tuition fee, living expenses, etc.

International students are also encouraged to explore all sources of financial aid and scholarships available to them in their home country.

Tsinghua School of Economics and Management

Tsinghua School of Economics and Management (Tsinghua SEM), founded in 1984, was one of the first economics and management schools in China. Professor Zhu Rongji, the Founding Dean, later became the fifth Premier of the People’s Republic of China. Tsinghua SEM is now among the premier business schools in Asia and enjoys world class faculty, students and research facilities.

Tsinghua SEM is the successor to the Department of Economics, which was established in 1926. The school’s mission is to cultivate future leaders with high business ethics, global vision, leadership capability and sense of innovation. Tsinghua SEM is dedicated in educating them to master comprehensive management knowledge and techniques and to make outstanding contributions to China and throughout the world.

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