Anhui Medical University MBBS Program

The predecessor of Anhui Medical University was Dongnan Medical College, established in 1926 in Shanghai. Moved first to Huaiyuan County, Anhui Province, at the end of 1949, and then to Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province, in 1952, Dongnan Medical College changed its name to Anhui Medical College. In June, 1996, approved by the National Committee on Education, Anhui Medical College was renamed Anhui Medical University.

Anhui Medical University was authorized to offer an MD degree in clinical medicine and a professional degree in stomatology at master’s level.The two degree-grantings, especially that of MD, symbolize a major breakthrough in the advanced professional education in Anhui Province, making it possible for the university to cover in its curricula the full-range professional education at undergraduate, master and doctoral levels. The university is the national base for the study of clinical medicines and chemical reagents. Two courses offered by the university have been ranked among the National Elite Courses, and two programs approved nationally as the featured ones among the institutions of higher learning. The university typically has won a national second prize for teaching.

Two faculty members of the university hold the directorships respectively on the Committee of Dermatology and Venereology of Chinese Medical Society and on the Committee of Clinical Pharmacology of Chinese Pharmacological Society. Four faculty members of the university have been elected to the international and national status of the project "International-, National-, and Provincial-level Talent." Two faculty members of the university have been specified by the Ministry of Education as "Teaching Cadre" title holders. Five faculty members of the university have been designated by the Ministry of Health as "Young and /or Middle-aged Experts with Spectacular Contributions." Two faculty members of the university hold the title of "Wanjiang Scholar", a specially appointed professorship. Five faculty members of the university have been singled out as experts on the Advisory Board of College-level Medical and Pharmaceutical Disciplines of the Ministry of Education. Again, the university has launched the organization of "Overseas Legion" for an extensive highest-level talent attraction, specifically, for those from abroad, as indicated by the name of the organization. The library of the university is the provincial Center Library in Anhui Province, which shares biological and medical literature nationwide via cyber-space or internet.

(Source: Anhui Medical University)

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