Beihua University MBBS Program

Beihua University (Jilin Medical college) founded since 1906, recognized by WHO 1958. Beihua University is a province owned comprehensive university. Approved by the ministry of education, it is the composition of the original Jilin, Jilin Medical College, Jilin Forestry College, Teacher’s college and Jilin electrification Academy. It is situated in Jilin City, which is famous for its seasons. The university has four campuses the south the north the east and the west campus.

Since the foundation of Beihua University, it follows the development principle of higher education college combination and inherits the excellent traditions, which has been accumulated from the four original colleges, benefits from the reformation fruits of the higher education, explored the optimal way the college combination.

Beihua University locates itself as a key provincial comprehensive university which should center on the teaching students in undergraduate level, develop graduates education, foreign student education and adult education, regard teaching as its root and research as its route and serve for the society.

Beihua University plays a significant role in the development of the northeast industrial basement, local economy and cultural service with motivation in the field of research. Since the integration of Beihua University, it has undertaken almost three hundred programs on the provincial level or above it. The university regards highly international exchange and cooperation taking advantage of the scientific achievements and of school running of foreign universities exploring our road of internationalization and modernization in the communication of national culture and the achievements of the world civilization. It has successively established exchange and cooperation relation with many countries universities or educational institution.

(Source: Beihua University)

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