Chongqing Medical University MBBS Program

Chongqing Medical University (CQMU), originally known as Chongqing Medical College, was founded in 1956, growing out of Shanghai First Medical College (the present Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University). The university is located in the city of Chongqing, which is the economic center on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and the newest municipality directly under the administration of the Central Government. With more than fifty years' development, CQMU has become a key university under the administration of Chongqing Municipal Government with an integrated educational system of Bachelor's, Master's, Doctor's and Postdoctoral programs in medicine as well as other related fields.

Chongqing Medical University covers an area of 2.79 million square meters, with a building area of more than 1.4 million square meters. The university is composed of two campuses, Yuzhong campus in downtown area and Jingyun campus, which is under construction, in the 'city of universities' of Chongqing.

Chongqing Medical University has been actively conducting international exchanges and cooperation. So far, it has established relationships with many countries and regions in the world for staff training, exchange of students, academic exchanges and scientific research, such as the United States, Britain, Canada, Japan, Russia, France, Germany, Australia, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Hong Kong.

Since 1980's, CQMU has begun to accept medical students for Bachelor's, Master's, Doctor's and Postdoctoral program from all over the world. It is among the medical universities which are judged by Ministry of Education to be qualified to enroll foreign students to learn medicine in English. It is also listed among the Chinese medical universities in WHO's official website and is recognized by ECFMG (Educational Committee for Foreign Medical Graduates) in the United States.

(Source: Chongqing Medical University)

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