Fudan University MBBS Program

Fudan University MBBS program is completely taught in English and follows the principle of consolidating academic basis, stressing technical skills, enhancing interdisciplinary and conducting clinical practices.

According to Provisional Regulations on Quality Control Standards of English-Taught Medical Undergraduate Education for International Students in China, the Ministry of Education of China has approved Fudan University as one of the qualified universities in China to enroll international students in the English-taught undergraduate program of medicine.

To promote its international education, Fudan University MBBS program starts to enroll international students in the English-taught undergraduate program of medicine. The program aims to educate international medical talents with solid medical knowledge, standard clinical skills and good professionalism while giving due consideration to the possible needs for them to serve in their motherland or other countries. The students will acquire the capacity to work in medical and health departments, making contributions to the areas of patient care, education and research.

MBBS Curriculum

Chinese Culture Course & Natural Science Course - Brief introduction to China, Chinese, Medical Chinese, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Modern Biology Science, Computer and Physical Education.

Liberal Arts Course & Elementary Medicine Course - Medical Psychology, Medical Ethnics, Preventive Medicine, Cell Biology, Anthropotomy, Histoembryology, Physiology, Biologic Chemistry and Molecular Biology, Immunology, Genetics, Pathogenic Biology, Pathology, Pharmacology and Morbid Physiology.

Clinical Medicine Course - Diagnostics, Imaging Diagnostics, Medicine, Surgery, Gynecotokology, Pediatrics, Epidemiology, Psychiatry, Neurology and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Offered by Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University, Fudan University MBBS program is open to international students in pursuit of the science and practice of medicine. Those with exceptional performance will have oversea clinical internship opportunities. After completing the total required credits, students will be conferred diploma by Fudan University and qualified students will receive the Bachelor Degree of Medicine Science. Graduates will have the opportunity to enroll for Physician Qualification Exam according to the relative regulations of the concerned country.

Shanghai Medical College

Located to the east of the prosperous region of Xujiahui, the Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University boasts a long history and a rich heritage of learning and scholarship. As a result of China's on-going optimization of its educational system, Fudan University (established in 1905) and Shanghai Medical University (established in 1927) merged in the April of 2000 to be a more comprehensive institution of higher education. On July 27th, 2001 Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University was established, with Professor Wang Wei-ping, a Vice-president of Fudan University, as its Dean.

Shanghai Medical College has twenty national key disciplines, one national key laboratory, eight key disciplines to be further constructed in Project 211, nine key laboratories under the supervision of the Ministry of Education or the Ministry of Health, two municipal key disciplines and eight Shanghai Clinic Medical Centers. It has four research stations that offer postdoctoral fellowships, twenty-nine doctoral programs and thirty-six master programs.

(Source: Fudan University)

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