Guangxi Medical University MBBS Program

Guangxi Medical University MBBS program is based on international criteria for medical education, aimed at training international medical talent with solid medical knowledge, standard clinical skills, and sound professional qualities. Subjects of the course are all given in English, after graduation, students can participate in national qualification examinations in their home countries. Main subjects: systematic anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, medical microbiology, preventive medicine, evidence-based medicine, diagnostics, forensic surgery, internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, epidemiology, neurology, psychiatry, hodegetics, and Chinese.

The origin of Guangxi Medical University goes back to 1934 due to shortage of medical service providers in southern China during the war, which caused a large amount of life lost. Thus, people felt that it is urgently needed to found a medical school for cultivating medical personnel. The pioneers wished that the school can provide medical security for future generations in southern China. Therefore, in the early stage, the school only provided undergraduate education, and at that time, the society also lacked for high level medical education.

Guangxi Medical University has become a comprehensive medical university that is able to cultivate professionals in various fields such as clinical medicine, preventive medicine, stomatology, nursing, pharmacology etc.

Guangxi Medical University is one of the universities which have been authorized to enroll international students for MBBS program in English by Ministry of Education of China. Since 1958, the University has warmly welcomed international students from more than fifty-four countries. Presently, there are over five hundred international students from twenty countries studying medical science and Chinese in the University.

(Source: Guangxi Medical University)

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