Harbin Medical University MBBS Program

Harbin Medical University (HMU) is located in Harbin, a beautiful city well-known for its ice and snow and reputed as “Eastern Paris”. HMU has a scenic view on the campus dotted with ancient-style buildings, with a total area of 2.36 million square meters.

Harbin Medical University was founded in 1926 and features a glorious history and tradition. Dr. Wu Liande, first president of HMU, was graduated from the University of Cambridge. In 2006 and 2007, a pilot accreditation of medical education and a review visit were conducted at HMU by a WFME team (the World Federation of Medical Education), which was referenced according to the WFME Global Standards in Basic Medical Education. Harbin Medical University has met the requirements of all the 36 sub-standards. It was the first accreditation of medical education in China referenced according to global standards.

With the experience of studying or doing research abroad, most educators at HMU hold doctorates or the highest possible degree in their field of study. They are involved in the Medical Education Reform at HMU and familiar with the up-to-date educational ideas including PBL and course integration. There are five affiliated hospitals at HMU, which provide students with sufficient opportunities for clinical practice. HMU has a scenic view on the campus with ancient Chinese-style buildings and memorable fragrance of lilacs.

(Source: Harbin Medical University)

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