North Sichuan Medical University MBBS Program

North Sichuan Medical University is a government-run college of medicine in Sichuan Province and is located in the second largest higher education center of Sichuan Province - Nanchong, a famous city, the origin of the Three Kingdoms Culture. It has two campuses, the west campus, also known as the old campus, is located in the downtown Nanchong City, and the east campus, or the new campus, is located in Gaoping District of Nanchong City.

With the guidance of its motto, Commitment, Fraternity, Honesty, and Creativity, North Sichuan Medical University has developed into an important national and provincial center of higher medical education, disease prevention, and rheumatism treatment since its establishment in 1951.

The Affiliated Hospital of North Sichuan Medical College is one of the best hospitals in northeast Sichuan. This hospital is the only hospital under direct jurisdiction of North Sichuan Medical College.

(Source: North Sichuan Medical University)

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