Shihezi University MBBS Program

Shihezi University School of Medicine is one of the 20 colleges of Shihezi University and it is among the oldest colleges of this University. The graduates have made great contributions to medical caring and public health development in the world.

After years of development, Shihezi University has formed the high quality teaching and degree system and multi-level students training base. At present, School of Medicine has Clinical Medicine, Dentistry, Medical Imaging, Medical laboratory, Preventive Medicine majors and Nursing major for under-graduates. It offers 14 academic areas for seekers of master's degree, it has 1 key laboratory constructed by the Ministry of Education. Shihezi University has 4 affiliated hospitals and 30 clinical practice hospitals, with 10 of them bearing the Honorary Title of "3-A-Degree Hospital" and the First Affiliated Hospital bears honored titles of "The 100 Best Hospitals in China.

Shihezi University is situated in Xinjiang, China, which was recognized as a key institution by the Central Government in the year 2000. Shihezi University is in Xinjiang Uygar Autonomous Region and was ranked among the key university constructed under the 211 project in December 31st, 2008. The University is also one of the international Medical institution which has been recognized by WHO (World Health Organization) and MCI (Medical Council of India). It has been granted by Ministry of Education of China to teach MBBS Medical study for international students in English language.

Shihezi University has developed into a dynamic higher learning institution with world-oriented education. Shihezi University is an ideal place for teaching-learning and research. It has an area of 1,780,000 square meters including 860,000 square meters of teaching and residential buildings and 165,243 square meters of laboratories. It has well-facilitated libraries, gyms, stadiums and sport fields. As the only model digital library of China’s “863” Project in Xinjiang’s higher education institutions the library has a collection of 2,630,000 copies of books including a special section for books of the FAO of the NU.

Shihezi University has extensively established exchange programs with universities and colleges of the United States, Russia, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Austria, Japan and South Korea. It has promoted full cooperation with Peking University, Tianjin University, Zhejiang University, Central China University of Sciences and Technology, Northwest A & F University, Agricultural University of Sichuan, Southern Yangtze University, China University of Politic Science and Law, Wuhan University, China Agricultural University, Nankai University, Xi’an Jiaotong University and etc. More than 100 specialists and scholars are hired as part-time professors of Shihezi University.

(Source: Shihezi University)

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