Wenzhou Medical College MBBS Program

Wenzhou Medical College is a multi-disciplinary university under the administration of Department of Education of Zhejiang Province. It has 3 campuses, covering a total area of 800,000 sq. m, the main campus is located at Chashan University Town of Wenzhou.

The history of Wenzhou Medical College can be traced back to Zhejiang Specialized Medical School, which was established in Hangzhou in 1912. In August 1958, part of Zhejiang Medical College was moved from Hangzhou to Wenzhou and began recruiting 5-year fulltime program students, hence the name Wenzhou Medical College.

Active in international cooperation in recent years, Wenzhou Medical College has established cooperative relationships with many colleges, universities or academic institutions abroad such as joint degree program, staff/student exchange program, joint research, credit transfer program etc. WMC began accepting overseas students since 1999. All the faculty and staff are striving to attain the goal of becoming a high quality university that will enjoy high prestige for its own features and excellent academic performance, focused on the undergraduate education while actively developing graduate studies, with medical programs as its core harmonized by multi-disciplinary areas adapting to regional needs.

(Source: Wenzhou Medical College)

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