Xiamen University MBBS Program

According to Ministry of Education of People's Republic of China, Xiamen University is one of the universities in China eligible for enrolling international students in the English-medium undergraduate program of medicine.

Xiamen University MBBS program aims to cultivate international students to become qualified medical professionals through 6-year training in medical school and hospitals. The sixth year is rotatory internship at hospitals. After obtaining the total required credits, qualified students will be conferred diploma by Xiamen University and receive the Degree of “Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery” (MBBS).

The Medical College of Xiamen University, approved by the Education Ministry of the People’s Republic of China on Oct. 1st 1996, is jointly run by the government of Xiamen city and Xiamen University, and financially supported by overseas Chinese during its development. Now, the dean is Dr. Liu Zuguo, Who is appointed to the special professorship of “Yangtze Scholar” by the Ministry of Education. The secretary of the Party committee is Shao Pengfei.

The Medical College sets three five-year undergraduate specialties, including clinical medicine, Chinese medicine, preventive medicine, and four-year undergraduate specialties pharmaceutics and nursing, as well as six three-year postgraduate specialties, including surgery, medicine, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacy, oncology, biomedical engineering.

The Medical College of Xiamen University consists of teaching organizations - basic medical department, clinical medical department, preventive medical department, Chinese medical department, pharmaceutical department and nursing department; scientific research organizations of biomedical engineering research center, anticancer research center, basic medical experimental and teaching center, Chinese Medicine research center of Xiamen University etc; five grade three plus affiliated hospitals, including Affiliated Sun Yat-sen Hospital, Affiliated Southeast Hospital, Affiliated Xiamen Ophthalmic Hospital etc; five teaching hospitals, including Xiamen 1st Hospital, Xiamen 2nd Hospital, Xiamen Chinese Medical Hospital, Xiamen Xianyue Hospital and Xiamen Maternity and Child Health Hospital; four teaching bases, including Xiamen Disease Prevention and Control Center, Xiamen Hygiene Supervision Institute, Xiamen Drug Examination Institute and Xiamen Starshark Drug Company.

(Source: Xiamen University)

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