High School Affiliated to Nanjing Normal University (Jiangning Campus)

High School Affiliated To Nanjing Normal University (NSFZ), founded in 1902, is one of the world-class secondary schools in the world. In over a century of school teaching, our school name has been altered for ten times and our location has been moved for 7 times. NSFZ is famous for its cautious selection of teachers, sharp intention to experiment new things, honest and rustic school style, and well cultivation of elites. NSFZ has accumulated abundant experience throughout a century of development and cultivated countless outstanding talents for our country.

Blending of humanities, gathering of credited scholars and initiative to reform have created a strong foundation for its education, generations of elites have grown from here. NSFZ's alumni include revolution pioneers such as Gu Zuolin, Yang Chao, and well-known scholars, scientists, politicians like Yan Jici, Wang Daohan, Pang Peiyun, Ba Jin, Li Guoding. We also have 35 fellows of 2 faculties who rank high in high schools all over the country, such as Prof. Yuan Longping, who is the winner of the 1st Science and Technological Progress Awards, and Dr. Wei Yu, who is the first female Dr. of electronics in China. Others include famous vocalist Zhu Fengbuo, distinguished soccer critic Wang Jianxiang, and Dr. Lin Feng, who is well-known for saving the life of the reporter from Phoenix TV, Liu Hairuo, who was certified as brain death by some foreign doctors. Throughout the years, NSFZ students not only have attracted attention by their high promotion rate, but also gained good reputation from the society by their high level and quality in performance.

NSFZ Jiangning Campus is jointly founded by the NSFZ and the Nanjing Jiangning Economic Development Region, whereas NSFZ is responsible for the running of school. It is a full-day state-owned, citizen-run boarding school. The Jiangning Campus is a part of the NSFZ and belongs to its high quality education resources. Jiangning Campus’s education is an innovative development based on the traditions of our main campus.

Location: Nanjing
Founded: 1902

(Source: High School Affiliated to Nanjing Normal University)

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