Shanghai High School

Shanghai High School is located in the southwest corner of Shanghai. Established in 1865, the campus has an overall size of 300 MU (20 hectares), and is historically one of the most well known schools in China and around the world. On June 1, 1993 The Shanghai Education Committee approved the establishment of the Shanghai High School International Division (SHSID). In 1995, SHSID became a member of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).

The lush park-like campus setting provides a peaceful second home for students to develop and study in a natural environment. Shanghai High School renovated its campus layout in the 90’s. The school remodeled many of the classroom buildings such as the Xian Mian building. The school hall, playgrounds and office buildings have also been remodeled during this time. The school also features the Yi Fu laboratory building, the library and media center, a gymnasium, 400-meter racetrack, Olympic size swimming pool, and 15 modern research laboratories.

Students who are in the 7th grade and above, whose homes are beyond the reach of the shuttle bus can apply for boarding. The boarding students are required to come to school from 7:00~8:00 p.m. each Sunday and leave the school on Friday afternoon. During the weekdays, the boarding students are required to participate in the morning exercises and evening self-study class. The dormitory is run by professional dormitory supervisors.

Location: Shanghai
Founded: 1865

(Source: Shanghai High School)

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