Yu Cai High School

Founded in 1901, Yu Cai High School has experience the vicissitudes of a century. Over the past hundred years, Yu Cai has persisted in its mission to serve the country through education and has achieved remarkable successes by closely following the tide of historical development. A great number of excellent and well-known personages have graduated from Yu Cai, bringing both fame and prestige to the school. Today, Yu Cai is a well-known school name at home and abroad.

In 1996, Yu Cai entered a new stage of development. In keeping with decisions made by the municipal Party committee and government, the District Party committee and government invested huge fund to move Yu Cai from its present site to the town of Malu, Jiadong District. In September 1998, construction of new Yu Cai started.

Of the eleven newly-built boarding high schools in Shanghai, Yu Cai is the largest. It occupies a land area of 269 mu (approximately 44 acres). It has a total construction area of 75,000 square meters and its greenbelt area covers 101,000 square meters (58% of the whole area).

Location: Shanghai
Founded: 1901

(Source: Shanghai Yu Cai High School)

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