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Preparing for Chinese-taught Bachelor Degree Program Admission

International students who plan to prepare for Chinese-taught bachelor degree program in any university in China should have obtained a senior high school diploma. There are also age limits for applications to Chinese-taught bachelor degree programs. Applicants should review requirements for different universities and majors carefully.

HSK test results are required for admission in almost all universities in China. Meeting the HSK requirements does not guarantee admission. University admission office will also review applicant’s academic records. For instance, good grade on mathematics is required for engineering majors.

For more details, please visit - HSK Admission Requirements

When applying to top universities in China, entrance examinations are required for admission. International students are required to take subjects such as Mathematics which test papers are written in Chinese.

Very few universities in China do accept international students based on SAT, ACT, IB or A-level exam results. This is not a common standard for universities in China. Only very few universities such as Peking University, Fudan University have this admission arrangement.

The followings are entrance exam subjects for some of the top 30 universities: (For Reference Only)

Reference 1:
Liberal Arts / Science - Chinese, English, Mathematics

Reference 2:
Liberal Arts - Chinese, Chinese Writing, English, Liberal Studies
Science - Chinese, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

Reference 3:
Liberal Arts - Chinese, English, Mathematics
Science - Chinese, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

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