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Chinese Language Program Schedule

Chinese language program is divided mainly into three categories, the elementary, the intermediate and the advanced course. The elementary course accepts foreign students with none or very little Chinese language skills. The intermediate course is for those who have learned about 2,000 vocabularies. The advanced class aims at foreign students who have learned over 3,500 vocabularies.

How much Chinese can you learn?

1) Elementary course - students should able to handle daily communication and make basis for the future studies. 2) Intermediate course – students will improve their overall Chinese skills and have a better understandings towards Chinese culture. 3) Advanced course - students should be able to use Chinese fluently and understand the social life, politics, economy, local conditions and traditional customs of China.

There are about 10 to 20 students in each class and there will be a placement test at the beginning of each semester, and classes will be arranged according to the test result.

For regular Chinese language program, there are about 20 hours of classes per week. Some universities offer intensive Chinese language program which has about 30 to 36 hours of classes per week.

Typical day in Chinese language program

Morning Section - Language Coures - Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Daily idioms, Basic grammar knowledge.

Afternoon Section - Elective Courses* - Film & Television Enjoyment, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Literature, Chinese Martial Arts, Chinese Folkways Literature. Special Courses at extra cost - HSK Preparation, One to one tutoring.

*The university offers several elective courses every semester, the detailed arrangement for curriculum will be informed upon arrival.

Academic semester

Academic year is divided into two semesters: fall and spring semester. Fall semester starts in September and spring semester starts in late February or early March. One semester usually last about 18 to 20 weeks. Summer program is available in many universities, it usually start in July.


There are two main holidays in China: 1) Summer holiday which lasts about 8 weeks; 2) Chinese New Year holiday which lasts about 4 weeks. Other public holidays in China include: 1) New Year Day (January 1, one day holiday); 2) Labor’s Day (May 1, one day holiday); 3) National Day (October 1, three days holiday); 4) Traditional Chinese festivals: Tomb-Sweeping Day in April, Dragon Boat Festival in June and Mid-Autumn Festival in September. The exact date of each traditional festival varies on Western calendars because each is calculated according to a lunar calendar.


When you finish the language program, certificate of completion will be issued.

(Source: Chinese Language Program Schedule)

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