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As a result, the city of Chongqing has changed from an ancient military strategic pass into a city open to the outside world that holds a strategic position connecting the central and western parts of China, from an ancient regional trading center into an economic center on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, from a city of entrepot trade of the 19th century into the largest multi-functional modern industrial and commercial city in west China, and from a port city in the east part of the Sichuan basin into a municipality directly under the central government that stands in the hinterland of China but faces different parts of the world. The rapid rise of Chongqing in western China, with its glorious past and fast changing present, has left its mark in the history of development of China and has become the center of focus of world attention.

At the turn of the century, Chongqing is again placed by history at the starting line for a new race. The construction of the Three Gorges Dam and the resettlement of a large number of residents for the purpose of new development in the dam area has added new drive to the development of the city; the establishment of the new municipality directly under the central government has opened up a hew horizon for the city’s development; and the great development of the western regions of China has opened up a new chapter in its development. Chongqing today, with its advantages in its geographical, cultural and social environment, is becoming an irresistible attraction and is showing its greatness and charms to the outside world.

Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport is located 21 km (about 13 miles) northeast from the suburb area.

Airport: Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport (CKG)

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On the map of the world in the hall of the United Nations, only four Chinese cities are printed, and one of them is Chongqing. The towering mountains and the low river valleys are witnesses of the history of the three thousand years of civilization of Chongqing. In the long river of history, the city, with its tremendous power of cohesion and influence upon its neighboring areas, became a regional military and political center and a distributing center of commodities. It has been a flourishing city for over a thousand years. In the last hundred years and more, the city grew with its commerce, flourished with the move in of political and industrial establishments from the coastal areas of east China, and achieved economic take-off with the reform.

Something About Chongqing: Hot Pot

Chongqing is the birth place of the hot pot in China. Once upon a time, it was a seasonal food designed to protect against the low temperatures and frigid winds of the winter. People would sit around a table, eat hot pot, and revel in the instant warmth that would flood their bodies. Hot pot has become more and more popular today, and it is widely enjoyed by people and regardless of seasons and regions.

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