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Dalian is in Liaoning Province. It lies in the most southern part of Liaodong Peninsula. It is one of the most important industry base and main seaport in China. As early as 7280 years ago, our ancestors first exploited Dalian region. In Qin and Han period (221B.C.-220A.D.), Dalian region was under the jurisdiction of Liaodong county. In the early period of Tang Dynasty (618-907), Dalian region was under the jurisdiction of Andong Prefecture in Jili state. During the 1st and 2nd Opium War, Dalian was invaded and harassed by the British army. As the main battlefield of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 and Japanese-Russian War, Dalian suffered great calamity in these two wars in modern history. Consequently, Dalian became Russian and Japanese colony for nearly half a century, meanwhile under the Japanese colonial rule for 40 years. The unconditional surrender of Japan on August of 1945 marks the liberation of Dalian in the anti-fascist war, thus ends 40 years colonial rule over the city. In 1984, Dalian was approved by the State Council to be the coastal open-up city and was designated as the city with separate economic plan in 1985, enjoying provincial level decision-making authority.

The industries in Dalian is the important in China. Machine and chemical industry are the main parts. Metallurgy, petroleum refinery, textile, food and electronics are developing in a high speed too. In the recent years, the development of economical technology industries that is being built has taken shape. Amongst its main agricultural products, there are corn, paddy rice, peanut, beans and tussah cocoon. Fishery and fruit growing are very flourishing too. The cultivation of sea cucumber, sea tangle, prawn and shell is the important China . The output of apples is in the first place.

Dalian port is one of China's main seaports. The loading and unloading capacity is in the third place in China . Majority kinds of ships can harbor at Dalian port. The airplanes here not only can take you to Shanghai, Tianjing, Qingdao and so many littoral cities in China, but also can send you to nearly 150 foreign countries and cities all over the world. Every August, Dalian holds the Dalian Clothing Festival.

Airport: Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport (DLC)

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Climate: Dalian main topography is low mountain and downloads. Near the sea, there is a small plain. The coast line is crooked, and also there are many bays. It is the maritime monsoon climate in the warm temperate zone. Dalian has an average annual temperate of 10 degrees Celsius, and an average annual precipitation of 700mm. The black frost period can last 180 to 210 days. The average highest temperatures of the hottest months, July/August and lowest temperatures of the coldest month January range from 27 degrees Celsius and -8 degrees Celsius.

Something About Dalian: Dalian Happy Snow World

Dalian Happy Snow World covers an area of 200 thousand square meters and 60 thousand square meters of snowmaking area. They have a capacity of 2000-4000 people every day. It is the true skiing place inside the Dalian city at present. It has 1 Difficult Run: 500ms long, 30ms width, 17.8 gradients; 1 Intermediate trail: 300ms long, average 11.3 gradients; 2 Bunny slopes: 150ms long, 40ms width, average 8 gradients. Happy Snow World imported 1000 sets snowboard from the famous France Fischer Company’s and 500 sets snowboard from Japanese Swallow. They has a 2000 square meters standard ski equipment hall, and a 500 square meters buffet dining hall has a capacity of 300 people simultaneously. They provide so many programs such as Snowmobile, Snow Cubing, and Snow ATV.

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