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Hangzhou was settled as early as 4,700 years ago, thus giving birth to the auroral Liangzhu Civilization. One of the seven ancient capitals and the key scenic tourism and historical culture cities in China, Hangzhou once was applauded as "the most splendid and luxurious city in the world" by Marco Polo, the Italian traveler in the 13th century.

Located in the south of Yangtse River Delta, on the northern bank of the lower reach of the Qiantang River, Hangzhou is at the southern end of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, with its center lying 30.15 degrees north latitude and 120.16 degrees east longitude. In southwest Hangzhou there is a foothill, joined by the undulated Tianmu Mountains, with an altitude generally lower than 500 meters. The northeastern part of the city is flat, with an altitude of 3 to 10 meters.

Hangzhou has 6 urban districts: Shangcheng, Xiacheng, Jianggan, Gongshu, West Lake , Banshan; and 7 suburban counties: Xiaoshan, Fuyang, Yuhang, Tonglu, Lin'an, Jiande, Chun'an, with an area of more than 16 thousand

Hangzhou is one of China's big tourist attractions. It has many historical relics and scenic spots, including West Lake, and the scenic area near the Fuchun River and the Xinan River. The special local-made products are silk, Xihu silk umbrellas, color-glazed porcelain, Longjing tea, and white chrysanthemum. Hangzhou is also the hometown of sweet osmanthus, the West Lake is one of the five biggest sweet osmanthus watch places in China. First class flower; sweet osmanthus is one of the ten biggest precious flowers in China. In the golden autumn, the pavilion bund cassia-bark-tree with its flowers blooming ten thousandes yellow spots. The cassia bud falls from the moon, the fragrance flutters out of clouds. The light yellowish sweet osmanthus, has exaggerated Hangzhou with the deep inside story of two big cultures, Wu and Yue, and has exaggerated the happiness of Hangzhou’s person.

Airport: Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (HGH)

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Climate: Located in the joint of the middle and north semitropical area, Hangzhou has a warm and humid climate with distinct four seasons, sufficient sunshine and plenty of rainfall. The annual mean temperature is 16.2 degrees Celsius , 28.6 degrees Celsius in summer and 3.8 degrees Celsius in winter. The frost-free period lasts 230 to 260 days. The annual mean precipitation is 1,435 mm and the annual mean relative humidity is 76%.

Something About Hangzhou: West Lake Longjing Tea

The West Lake Longjing Tea is the most famous green tea from China. This artisanal tea is handpicked and pan-fired by skilled tea masters, resulting in toasty taste and perfectly flattened shape.

The West Lake Longjing Tea is flat and smooth in shape, with green and yellow color and luster. When making tea, pouring boiled water of about 80 degree Celsius into the cup, and then tea buds will slowly roll up, like lotuses floating from the water. The tea liquor is dark green and smells sweet and mellow. The West Lake Longjing is well-known around the world due to four wonders, namely, “green color, sweet smell, mellow taste and beautiful shape”.

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