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Shenyang is the economical, cultural, communication, trade and commercial hub of the Northeastern region of China. It is a major industrial and cultural city with historical importance. Shenyang is located in the central part of Liaoning Province and the Northeast Asia ,here is also the hinterland of Liaodong Peninsula.

Shenyang is rich in natural resources. It has 147,000hectares of forest and 82,000 hectares of pastureland. The total amount of water resource of water resource is 3,260,000,000 cubic meters ,including 1,140,000,000 cubic meters of surface water and 2,120,000,000 cubic meters of underground water. Thirty-six kinds of minetals have been discovered up to now ,among them, the deposit of 13 kinds has been ascertained, including 200,000,000 tons of coal and 10,700,000,000 cubic meters of natural gas.

Shenyang is the large concentration and distribution center for goods and materials in North-East China, and key communication hub of railways as well as road transport center in Liaoning Province . It has the biggest civil airport on North-East China, providing regular air service to over 40 cities at home and abroad.

Shenyang is also a famous historical and cultural city in China. The first emperor of the Qing Dynasty moved his capital here in 1625 AD. It became the leftover capital of the Qing Dynasty since 1644 AD. Its main scenic spots are the Imperial Palace, Baocheng in Crescent Moon Shape, Shisheng Temple and Liaobin Pagoda etc.

Airport: Shenyang Taoxian International Airport (SHE)

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Climate: The alluvial plain of Liao River in the west is its major topography, while its north-east and south-east parts are low hilly land. It has a temperate continental climate with an annual average temperature of 7.8 degrees Celsius, rainfall of 734 millimeters, and a frost-free period of 159 days. The average highest temperatures of the hottest months, July/August and lowest temperatures of the coldest month January range from 30 and -17.

Something About Shenyang: Shenyang Meteorite Mountain Park

Shenyang Meteorite Mountain Park, located in the southeast of Shenyang in Dongling district. The biggest meteorite lies on the Huashitai Mountain of Lixiang County of Dongling District, and it is 160 m long, 54 m wide, 42 high and about 2 million tones in weight. It is the oldest meteorite in the world which was formed 4.5 billion years ago and fallen into the Earth 1.9 billion years ago.

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