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Written historical records indicate that Suzhou has a history of over 4000 years,which entitles the city one of "24 Cultural and Historic Cities " approved as the first group of its kind by the State Council. For thousands of years Suzhou has been a cradle of talented people. In ancient times Suzhou gave birth to many remarkable politicians, philosophers, strategists, scientists and artists, represented by Sun Wu, Fan Zhongyan, Shen Kuo, Tang Ying, Gu Yanwu, Kuai Xiang. In modern times, prominent people from Suzhou emerge in large numbers in various fields. Suzhou's painting, calligraphy, seal cutting, opera, medicine and architecture all have different schools and achievements. Its traditional handicrafts such as embroidery and Taohuawu woodcut picture enjoy a high reputation at home and aborad.

Suzhou lies in the southern part in Jiangsu province and to the East of Tai Lake. It is one of the main industrial centers in China. And it is also an important tourism city. It is 8488square kilometers in area.

Suzhou is the center of cotton, silk and wool. The silk knit goods here are in the first place in China . The export of silk can occupy 30 percent in the whole country. It is also the base of electric industry. The country industry is developed, it can occupy 60 percent of the total output value. Suzhou Industry Garden is built and it is nearly 70 square kilometers in area. In Suzhou, there is China Silk Travel Festival on Sep 25th every year.

Airport: Suzhou does not have its own international airport at present. It is best to use the airports of nearby Shanghai. Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA) and Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) are used frequently by domestic and international visitors.

Hongqiao Airport (SHA) is 86 kilometers (about 53 miles) away from Suzhou. Every day shuttle buses run between SHA and Suzhou. The whole journey takes about one hour and forty minutes.

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Climate: Suzhou is in the lash plain in the Changjiang River. The topography here is low, it is covered by a lot of rivers. And near the Tai River, there is lowland. It is the monsoon climate in inferior torrid zone. The average temperature is 15.5 degrees Celsius, the average precipitation is 1,100mm. The black frost period can last 233days.

Something About Suzhou: Songjin brocade of Suzhou

Songjin brocade of Suzhou refers to the brocade developed since the Song Dynasty. With Suzhou as its major production area, it is thus called Song Brocade of Suzhou. As an ancient city of silk famous in China, Suzhou has been recognized as the land of brocade and satins. Songjin brocade of Suzhou is characterized by bright color, exquisite pattern, and solid but soft texture. Songjin brocade of Suzhou, Nanjing Yunjin brocade, and Shujin brocade of Sichuan have been acknowledged as three types of celebrated brocade in China.

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