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Xiamen is in the southern part of Fujian Province. Xiamen is one of the first five special economic zones (SEZ) in China administrating 6 districts:Siming, Huli, Jimei ,Haicang,Tong'an and Xiang’an. South Fujian Dialect is the language which is predominantly spoken in Xiamen.It is said it was once egret inhabited place,so it is also called ”Egret Island”.

The history of Xiamen dates back to the ancient times. It was part of Tong'an County, which was established in the 3rd year of Emperor Taikang's reign in the Jin Dynasty (282 A.D.). The County was first under Jin'an Prefecture but was later merged into Nan'an County. In the 19th year of Emperor Zhengyuan's reign in the Tang Dynasty (803 A.D), Datong Square was set up in Southwest Nan'an County and later became Tong'an County under Quanzhou in the 4th year of Emperor Changxing's reign in the Late Tang Dynasty (933 A.D).

Later in 1915, Jinmen Islet and the Dadeng/Xiaodeng Islets were separated from the Siming County to form Jinmen County themselves. In the same year Nanlu Region, (which was changed to the name of Xiamen Region in 1914 but was abolished in 1925) was set up.

Today's Xiamen Harbor is the important foreign trade harbor. It has some ocean-going route to some other countries and places, such as Singapore, Japan, Macaw and so on. And passenger ships and cargo ships will go to Hong Kong ,Shanghai ,Guangzhou and so many other places. Since the foundation of the Special Economic Zone, Xiamen's road afforestation has been rapidly developing with the large-scaled urban development and construction, and especially in recent years, afforestation has always followed road construction closely.

Airport: Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport (XMN)

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Climate: Xiamen's main topography is downland. Near the sea, there is the small plain. Xiamen island and continent is connected by the sea bank. It has a monsoon climate in subtropical zone. The annual average temperature is 20.8 degrees Celsius. The annual precipitation is 1100mm and the black frost period can last 364 days. The average highest temperatures of the hottest months, July/August and lowest temperatures of the coldest month January range from 32 degrees Celsius and 10 degrees Celsius.

Something About Xiamen: Xiamen Bead Embroidery

Xiamen bead embroidery is a folk handicraft which has been famous for its eye-catching glimmer for over 100 years. By the dexterous hands of the local people, small beads are linked together with silk thread, forming all kinds of spectacular patterns. Nowadays the bead embroidery is used to make slippers, tapestry and purses.

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