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Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), commonly known in Chinese as “Hagongda”, was founded in 1920. HIT has developed into a large multi-disciplinary nationally renowned university with science, engineering and research as its core. Since 1954, HIT has repeatedly been designated as one of China’s leading institutions of higher education and as such has received significant financial support and investment from the Central Government. HIT is also one of the national "Project 211 and 985" universities.

Harbin Institute of Technology has three campuses, Harbin Campus, Weihai Campus and Shenzhen Campus. HIT’s main building is a smaller version of the main building of the Lomonosov Moscow State University with the majority of the buildings constructed during the time of Sino-Soviet friendship from 1949 to 1959. The School of Architecture is located on No.66 of West Dazhi Street, near the Main Building. It originally belonged to HIT, however, when HIT was divided into three institutes in 1959, it was used by the Harbin Architectural and Civil Engineering Institute. After the integration of Harbin University of Architecture (formerly Harbin Architectural and Civil engineering Institute) into HIT, the building was renamed the "Civil Building", although it houses the school of architecture.

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Harbin Institute of Technology is consistently on the forefront in making innovations in research. For years, HIT has continued to undertake large-scale and highly sophisticated national projects. HIT's ability for scientific research has always been among the strongest in all universities in China.

HIT students study humanities and social sciences along with their basic engineering and science courses for a strong comprehensive base. They go on to learn scientific research methods and laboratory skills with enhance their creativity and innovative abilities. When students graduate from HIT, they are equipped with strong theoretical knowledge and the ability for practical applications. Today, all the faculty, students and staff of HIT, with full confidence, are dedicating their concerted efforts to advance bravely towards the goal of building HIT into a well-known world-class university.

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