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With ringing in the new millennium, Jilin University has emerged with a new posture and voice among all other noted Chinese universities, and it has opened its door to all excellent students from around the world. Jilin University has eight campuses, seven of them are located in Changchun and one in Zhuhai, Guangdong. Jilin University’s campuses cover an area of 6.11 million square meters in Changchun and 3.34 million square meters in Zhuhai.

The new Jilin University, an amalgamation of former five universities in Changchun, was established on June 12, 2000 in accordance with the decision of the State Council to reform and readjust the structure of higher education in China. The merger was approved by the Ministry of Education. The former five universities include Jilin University, Jilin University of Technology, Norman Bethune University of Medical Sciences, Changchun University of Science and Technology and Changchun Institute of Post and Telecommunications.

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Since the merging, Jilin University has been made into the largest national key university with all-round education programs and high academic standards under the Ministry of Education. Supported by the national key construction project, it is looking forward to a broader prospect for its further development.

The former Jilin University was established in 1946, and it grew out of the Northeast Administration College and the Northeast People's University. It developed and enlarged under the national policy of distributing higher education resources in key areas of the country. Over the years it evolved its unique university spirit and academic atmosphere, and was designated as a national key university covering wide and broad disciplines in both science and humanities. Before the merger, it had trained great numbers of talented persons and reached remarkable achievements in science and technology. As a result, it had become one of the important national training bases for professionals in basic sciences and for those pursuing high-level academic studies.

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