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Nankai University, commonly known in Chinese as “Nankai”, is a key multidisciplinary university directly under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education. Nankai University is located in Tianjin on the border of the sea of Bohai. It is also the alma mater of our beloved late Premier Zhou Enlai. It has long been given much attention by the central government. Chinese top leaders from Chairman Mao Zedong, Premier Zhou Enlai to President Jiang Zemin all were at Nankai University for inspection. Chairman Mao wrote the name for Nankai University while President Jiang Zemin inscribed the following remarks: A glorious tradition to promote patriotism, dedication, creativity, love of the community, all to build a first-rate socialist university.

Nankai University was founded in 1919 by the famous patriotic educators, Mr. Zhang Boling and Mr. Yan Xiu. During the Anti-Japanese war (1937-1945), Nankai University, Peking University (Beijng University) and Tsinghua University (Qinghua University) united in Kunming to form the renowned Southwest Associated University. It was compared to be "The North Star of Higher Learning". In accordance with its motto of "dedication to the public interests, acquisition of all-round capability and aspiration for daily progress" and the trandition of “patriotism, conscientiousness, innovation and agreeableness”, the University has produced batches of prominent talents such as late Premier Zhou Enlai, Dr. Shiing -shen Chern, Dr. Ta-you Wu and playwright Cao Yu. On December 25th, 2000 the State Ministry of Education signed an agreement with Tianjin Municipal Government on jointly establishing and developing Nankai University.

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Nankai University actively takes the advantages of disciplines, technology, talents and information to enhance the industrialization and commercialization of research fruits serving the national and local economy and social development. Some research institutes like China APEC Institute and School of Economic & Social Development have become the "Think Tank" and "Talents Cradle" for central and local governments. According to the "national needs, the world first-class" principle, Nankai Comprehensively implemented the strategy of "innovation driven development" and actively promote the construction of all kinds of collaborative innovation centers, seting up close cooperative relationship with a group of colleges and universities, enterprises, research institutes, government departments.

Nankai University focuses on the students' all-round capability and creativity in teaching and education. Under its educational philosophy of "art to regulate the country, science to strengthen the country and business to richen the country", the University leaders point out a teaching guideline of "paying attention to quality education, cultivating capability, consolidating knowledge foundation and widening disciplinary spheres, strictly administrating and ensuring high quality". It establishes a complete educational system by connecting class teaching, scientific experiments, academic activities and social practice. A flexible educational system has been set up, including the system of credits, system of "major plus minor" education and double degrees. The late Premier Zhou Enlai, Nankai's prominent alumni, has been the model for all students to form a healthy disposition with high morality, spirit of creativity and the practical capability. The University is well known for its healthy environment. By attaching great importance to students' overall development in virtue, intelligence, sporting and art, the University has successfully created a colorful campus cultural atmosphere of elegance and aspiration for the benefit of the students' healthy growth. As a result, being equipped with strong basic knowledge, all-round capability, creativity and practical ability, graduates from Nankai University are extraordinarily popular with employers from all fields.

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