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Fudan University, initially known as "Fudan Public School", was founded in the year 1905. "Fudan", literally meaning "(heavenly light shines) day after day", indicates inexhaustible self-reliance and industriousness. Fudan University takes its name from a famous line in the Confucian classic - The Book of History: Brilliant are the sunshine and moonlight, again the morning glory after a night. Fudan's name thus means ever pushing forward with renewed energy.

Fudan University, located in the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai, is one of China's most prestigious learning institutions. Fudan University consists of four campuses, including Handan Campus, Fenglin Campus, Zhangjiang Campus, and Jiangwan Campus.

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Handan campus is the main campus of Fudan University. It is located in Yangpu District, Shanghai. It contains the majority of the schools and departments. Freshman undergraduates live in this campus. Handan campus consists of four sub-campuses, namely the headquarters campus, the south campus, the north campus, and the east campus.

The single and solitary goal of Fudan University is to cultivate more and more all-round talents for modern China. Emulating the other successful institutions of tertiary and quaternary education at home and abroad, the University has been carrying out a series of daring experiments to integrate the various disciplines of learning and to utilize the abundant resources of a comprehensive university. After years of exploring and practicing, Fudan has now established its own curriculum and management system, both of which are unique and progressively improving.

Fudan University also actively incubates high-tech industries and encourages them to convert knowledge to power. Years of learning and discovering have yielded great benefits as well as profits. In return, the multi-pattern development of the high-tech industries helps the University with breathtaking efficiency to industrialize the research outcomes. Meanwhile, a group of University-sponsored enterprises is emerging, filled with passion and ambition. Fudan University has thus created its signature style of doing business.

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