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Dalian University of Technology (DUT) is one of the key universities under the direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education in China. Founded as a school of engineering half a century ago and renown for its well-established academic style, “Be Diligent, Rigorous, Practical-Minded and Creative,” DUT has now developed into a multiple-disciplinary university of science and technology, covering natural sciences, economics, sciences of management, social sciences and applied liberal arts, with the science and engineering sectors remaining its major fields of devotion.

Dalian University of Technology is situated in Dalian, a city with beautiful scenery and pleasant weather, which attracts millions of domestic and international tourists each year to come to visit it, and is rated as the first model city of environmental protection in China, for which it is included in the list of “The Best 500 Cities Of Environmental Protection In The World” named by the UN Environmental Protection Department in the year of 2000. Surrounded by woody hills from three sides and overlooking the blue sea, the garden-like campus of DUT provides a quiet and secluded environment for academic study.

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Dalian University of Technology has a very strong teaching faculty, comprising a number of erudite experts and professors well-known throughout the nation and the world.

In its efforts to become a university of international type, DUT has been active in academic exchange and cooperation both at home and abroad and has signed agreements with institutions of higher education and scientific research in many countries and regions, which have produced abundant results and enhanced the reputation of the university in the world.

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